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Welcome to the life the game wiki! this wiki have all sorts of secrets for life the game! play it here:

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Plot Edit

Life: the game is a game where you explore a 2D world and earning ranks. It is made in this website called Scratch. The creator is very creative with this game, because you can make almost anything with Scratch, and the creator decided to go wild and create such an amazing game. If you are wondering, the creator of this game is completely @DogeScrather on Scratch at and Even though the creator is no longer working on the game, DogeScrather has left off at a good point and is probably most proud of this piece of work. He has worked on the game until he was happy with it. The development was going for nearly a year as the starting date was 13 September 2015 and ending off at 26 July 2016. He is an awesome Scratcher and the editor of this text would give the game 4.7/5 rating. To sum it all up, you all should go and check out the game and if you have an account, follow @DogeScrather AND @DumboShumbo.

Latest activityEdit

Life the game V.0.8.6

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